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Fly kites!

But if the wind is gone, and the biggest indoor place you can find is your desk have a look at my "3d-pages".
A try on non-interactive, virtual 4D-kiteflying ! ("3-dimensional" animation in vrml)
About 70 (non)standard figures on show; under -continuous- construction!



There are good, old, bad and new rules in sport kite flying.
AKA (the American Kiteflyers' Association) wrote a few books, the work of the World Cup judges was used in early issues too. After AKA issue 3 STACK (Sport, Team And Competitive Kiting) went its own way and issued its own version 3, with amendments, to have their mark on the sport noticed.
To re-unite all sport flyers in the world the IRBC (International Rules Book Committee) promised to issue a paper as well. Because at the time (1997) the IRBC seemed to be froozen in preparations, I combined what I knew with what STACK had and wrote my own sport kite competition rules, proposed to be used at the World Cup 1998.

In july 2002 the IRBC issued version 2.1 of their rulesbook, as well as a "Judges Book", and a list of compulsories. You could have had a look at all of them on the IRBC web site or the download page.

Comments on the IRBC compulsory book version 1.0 here

Compulsory figures

The first till fifth AKA (the American Kiteflyers' Association) books contain a limited list of compulsory figures for individual and team flyers, using two line kites.
For use in STACK (Sport, Team And Competitive Kiting) competitions I redid these figures, and designed and added new ones for all six forms of competition (every combination of individual, pair and team competition with either two or four line kites). From 1993 on I issued several compulsory books with all the figures, used for many years by STACK and even in the USA.
You will find all the (100+) figures in the "STACK" section
For my sport kite competition rules I redid (in 1998) old ones, scratched ones not suited anymore (i.m.o.),and added new ones.
The ones I like best can also be seen in "real screen 3d"

Kite Acrobatics Rule book

Based on an earlier "common sport kite competition rulebook, with the help of Andrew Taylor, I wrote (in 20010) a new rule book for kite acrobatics competition
More than the old ones focused on flyers, and to make judging more precise and clearer.
You can find those rules and compulsories here

The 1999 versionr, now obsolete version:


To help flyers, judges and organisers I wrote three handbooks. Thanks to the help of other flyers, judges and organisers much knowledge is collected. So you don't have to invent the kite again!

See the download page ; you will find downloadable rulebooks in 'easy' printable form there too.


The Dutch STACK site


Dutch Championships results


Euro Cup 2001
the list of compulsories
with links to the figures in both 2D diagrams and 3D animation
a.o. some of the new four lines pair and team ones.

Euro Cup 2002
the list of compulsories
with the figures in 2D diagrams
(only to inform competitors!
The "new" way to describe the precision grid and figures, as well as the figures themselves should be forgotten as soon as possible.)

Weifang International Kite Festival

for the 30th time!
list of compulsories for the International Kite Acorbatics Competition
Diagrams and descriptions
soon! (2013-02-15)

Some World Cup information, like rules, compulsories and judges' list.

World Cup IX

Includes official results of WC IX, Dieppe, France

World Cup X
Unfortunately World Cup X has been cancelled

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